5G Network Launched In India-2020 ,5g

It’s going to be boom in India when it’s official announce in India .All the internet user in India are waiting for 5G network when it is launched in India, But the major fact that is is definitely boom in Internet market in India just like when the JIO launched 4G. 5G Is the fifth generation  Cellular Technology Going to be released in in 2020 in India market.IT will Going To replace 4G networks in whole India.5G Network Launched In India-2020

5G network is specially designed for the mobile internet to function fast as possible fast. big countries and cities has tested this network and the results are amazing they are Amazed by the network of this speed and talking about it.

5G will allow a new dimension of speed which will connect multiple task in a one time.Entire mobile industry is waiting for the launch of 5G networks. At a global point not in India.

5G & Millimetre Waves Explained

 Let’s Go briefly what is 5G Means 

 5th generation mobile standing network


3GPP Standard and Technology  leadership 

Our system-level inventions foundation 5G NG standard 

3G pp is a guideline which is going to be used by every 5gnetwork Companies.

3 Generation partnership Project

The real name of 5G network is 5G NR, stand for new radio. Well the first internet Network is said to be 3G which brought   internet in mobile every where.  Where the 4g made internet speed  faster using technology LTE . Where the 5G is going to boost the capacity of the internet  speed. where the technology is going to allow to live stream on 4K Quality And going to have a high Resolution video on your device without any interruption. it will definitely 5G Network Launched In India-2020 .

5G technology is going to work on three types of  bands, 24 Gigahertz, 1-6 Gigahertz, 1 Gigahertz.

High Bands   (mmWave)Above 24  gigahertz. Extreme bandwidth which will allow user to use internet at high speed (extreme bandwidths) Mid Bands  between 1 to 6 Gigahertz it will provide less space to use 5G network(   wider bandwidths for eMBB mission-critical

Low bands below 1 Gigahertz
Long range for example mobile broadband and massive IOT

5G Network is going to be little bit expensive in comparison to other network for example 4G .Because you need a large satellite to Communicate with the Waves it’s over on a long distance whether technology has been improved at one point industry collectively believes for improving the network for the consumer.

you can Credit typical speed 1.4 gigahertz per second that 25 percent faster than and any network 
At peak rates 5GB ps Equal to play a 50 4K movie at the same time.

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