Autonomous car
Autonomous car

Now days the most relevant topic in Tech media the cars companies are so thinking about the future car that could be possible in every house in the world . Self Driving car is known as a autonomous vehicle Connected autonomous vehicle.

Self Driving car

Autonomous vehicle is capable of sensing environment.And move safely

Autonomous vehicle has advanced control system which allows a car move safely.

How soon until we have self-driving cars?

Understanding Just how far we  come with self driving car Technology can be a tricky To help to find out how sophisticated automatic Technology actually is.

Self Driving car

The society of Automotive engineers Classified Five levels of Autonomy 

Level 1

Level 1 is driver assistance where the vehicle is able to control the steering and breaking but not both Simultaneous.

 Level 2

Level 2  is personal automation  where the car can assist with both steering and breaking simultaneously but your attention is required at Road all times the Tesla autopilot and General Motor super Cruise are example of this.

 Level 3

Level 3  is conditional  automation where Certain circumstances is allowed the car to have  aspect of Driving where the driver have ability to take of the eyes of from the road.

Level 4

Level 4  is high level of automation Where in a right condition the car can take full control giving the driver another chance to focus on other task.

 Level 5

Level 5 is  the full automation in this hypothetical condition the car drive you and there is not even steering wheel 

Now in this days we are at level 2 or 3 one of the most biggest

The famous company Waymo’s which Started the most trusted vehicle the Google self driving car project in 2009 is ready for the next  phase. starting now.  Waymo’s  fully Self-driving Vehicle the most advanced self driving vehicle on the road today are test driving on public roads without any one in the driver’s seat. And soon, number of the public  will get use this vehicle in their daily lives.

After some years as more than 8 year of testing and developing we can trust and are ready to unlock the potential of self driving Technology so we can make it easily and safer for everyone to get around.In Arizona phoenix, waymos  fleet of 600 minivan settling peoples from place to place ordering one feels almost exactly like calling a lift or Uber, expected for the one thing: the Van dries themselves alphabets waymo has been testing self driving vehicles in Arizona send 2017 and we got a look at what it is like

The famous company waymo that has really build Self driving has built the World’s smartest vehicle with  access to the world best artificial intelligence, but there is one barrier that it might have under estimated: people
 In the  the last few months, the has gained regularity approvals, improve its driving system using alphabets AI Assets and partnered  with other manufacture. its  car have driven more miles than any other companies

but the community closest to Waymos to main testing Grounds phoenix,Arizona, hate that the the human element remain complicated,  from hiring more drivers and support staff to work with City officials and emergency response staff.

Competitor like Uber Tesla General Motors subsidiaries Cruise are all planning their own self driving car technology in  a market estimated to garner $556.67 billion by 2026.

Although many new cars feature technology that partially   assist with driving, still do not have fully self- driving Cars available for purchase. in addition to  perfecting the technology required for them, there are a number of other factors standing in the way.

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