call of duty mobile
call of duty mobile

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In this post ,we will be comparing two mobile video games call of duty mobile and PUBG mobile . we will be talking about their ,Graphics ,Control, Game play , Concept ,resources demand and size .read this full article foe full information about COD Mobile .Please note that it is my opinion and it is completely fine if you don’t think that way.Call Of Duty Mobile Launched in India new Features update

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Call of duty mobile Boom in India . almost 2 month before the gamer’s are so criticize this game they said that this game have not satisfied Graphics.and the lots of thing the gamer’s says about this they said that. the company provides there are lots of new features in this Game. now the gamer’s are loved to play with this game .you can’t believe that this Game is downloads 50,000,000 around the world in just 15 days. it’s boom in the India market of gaming. call of duty mobile going to fastest viral on the social media that’s because of it is going to be viral in India .

Call of duty mobile: represent the best juggernaut franchise has over been the handled platform.the leveling path is rewarding ,even without spending money ,and and there are lots of mode .unfortunately it is still a shooter controlled by touch screen with no bluetooth controller support – even if it’s impressive despite that.the accuracy and usability will still never be as good as it’s and PC counterparts.

Call Of Duty Mobile is a new generation mobile game which have multiplayer active mode.which ways developed by Tencent a Chinese mobile company which developed the highly loving game PUBG.

CALL OF DUTY was the first released by OCTOBER 29, 2003.It was the first person shooter video game.

Game Information

It is the of 1.0.8 updated on September 25 ,2019 .it is downloaded 50,000,000 around the world.In-app purchases 79.00-7900 per item INR. Offered by Activision Publishing ,Inc. Released on SEPTEMBER 30,2019.

Developer —– Infinity word

Publisher —– Activision

Engine —– id Tech

Platform —– Microsoft , Windows ,s, ios , n -Gog.

Mode —– Single player mode,multiplayer mode.

Call of duty mobile was released to give competition to Pubg mobile .

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