Electric Trucks in India-2020
Electric Trucks in India-2020


At this time, the whole world is very upset with the oil affair, the whole world is trying to find here that the oil is going to end soon and if no action is taken soon, it will prove to be very bad for us.  It will be very useful for us to make Electric Trucks because the rapid growth in oil prices is being seen and the Governments are also disturbed by this and the public also .so not only India should think but all countries should think.  Because somewhere we have gone forget in the circle of increasing Technology that our Environmental protection is also necessary.

India has taken taken a good step towards protecting the environment.The whole world is very upset at the moment of of oil Industry of Electric vehicle has taken a major boost in IndiaElectric vehicle has taken a boost in the whole world because it is friendly to the nature and air quality will going improve Rapidly, and going to create jobs because Electric vehicle work on renewable energy and it is easy and it is safe to use and it is very cheap to use  and the Maintenance cost of vehicle is very low. 


 Now we are living in the modern society where the technology has its own role. 

Indian Government has report  2030 70% of the population will use electric vehicle every type of vehicle heavy duty , bike ,truck, and the most of equipment will be converted into electric There are lots of foreign companies rushing into India for production of electric vehicles today.

In India Electric truck will be produced by Gurugram- company(IPTL) This company AIMS to produce 1000 electric truck in 2020 and 10000 trucks in 2021 the company say that trucks  are capable off roading with the capacity of 400 kilometre in one charge Truck will support fast charging 90 minute it can charge up to 160 kilometre it will easily replace the  petrol vehicle truck diesel truck.

IPTL company Still producing 42 to 60 trucks in a month of 2019 company says the future of electric vehicle is a very bright and low cost convenient it is going to help our nature to restore from the  damage from that CO2 and other chemical damage which is produced by our petrol vehicle and diesel vehicle For that big reason Indian government is also supporting funding and the legal process has been become easier for us.

 The company claims  that truck Also used for  four major computer systems

 transmission control, battery management ,battery charging system Charging ,monitor control.Company seeking for the investment of hundred million dollar in  2021 to boost the production of vehicles. 

India is in need of Electric  vehicle but before introducing the Electric Vehicle  in a mass production. India has a lack of infrastructure of charging port so before launching electric vehicle we ensure that the charging port is available in public domain in a large number Government Must make sure  that They will able to meet the  demand and supply. 


Electric Truck has many advantages like – Electric Truck will not pollute our environment ,it will save our environment and save oil. it is friendly to the nature and air quality will going improve.




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