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Python Developer Job in 2021? Salary in INDIA

Python developer job opportunities , salary in india
Python developer job opportunities , salary in india

Before going into depth, do you know why Python Developer is so popular now?

Python has been taking the programming world by storm for the past decade, and with each passing year, it is only growing in popularity. Surprisingly, the language is 3-decades old and has even surpassed ‘traditional languages’ like Java, C # and PHP.

According to the 2019 stackoverflow developer survey, Python is the second most preferred programming language in the world.

Python Developer Job in 2021? Salary in INDIA

As a result of its versatile nature, it has become one of the most in-demand technologies worldwide. As a result, the salary of a Python developer in India is significantly higher than those working with legacy web-development languages ​​as mentioned above.

We believe it must have instilled in you the will to become a Python programmer! Let’s take a look at who exactly Python developer is and what is the salary of a typical python programmer in India?

Who is a Python Developer & What Do They Do?

Python developers are usually in charge of coding, designing software applications with the help of the Python language. The primary responsibilities of Python developers are writing code for the backend, debugging and integrating errors. Python developers have been working on web development and data analysis for quite some time, but relatively recent machine learning has been using Python developers to effectively build applications.

The salary of python developers in India has increased dramatically since data science came into the picture. So, the demand for Python developers is increasing with their salaries. Read: python developer skills ” Python Developer Job in 2021? Salary in INDIA  Wikipedia

Python Developers Salary in India: Why it’s so high?

According to Forbes article about AI Skills among the most in-demand for 2020, Python tops the list.

Industry leaders like Google, NASA, YouTube, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, IBM, Netflix use Python and more and more companies are adopting Python which increases the demand and salary for Python developers.

Python Developers Job Roles

Data Scientists

As we are already know something about Data science is basically statistics implemented through programming. with these programming languages R, Python has shown its precision in sorting data according to generic as well as specific requirements. As far as India is already concerned about it , Python programmers for data science earn more than both software developers as well as DevOps programmers. ” Python Developer Job in 2021? Salary in INDIA ”

Responsibilities of Data Scientists :

  • Gathering large volumes of formatted and uncompressed data and modifying them into actionable objects.
  • Identifying data-analytics solutions that have the most significant potential to drive the growth of organizations.
  • Using techniques such as tech analytics, machine learning, and DP learning to analyze data, which reveal hidden patterns and trends.
  • Encouraging a data-driven approach to solving major business problems.
  •  And Many more …………

Data Scientists Salary Range in India :

The average data scientists salary is 698,413. An entry-level data scientist can earn less than ₹ 500,000 per year with experience. Early level data scientists with 1 to 4 years of experience receive approximately ₹ 610,811 per year.

python developer salary india

Source: payscale.com

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning :

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is the only umbrella term for many applications, applied across disciplines and technologies. They cover robotics, data analytics, web development, developing chatbots, intelligent application development and more.

Since late 2017, AI and ML have taken the nation by storm. Frameworks such as OpenCVPyTorch, and TensorFlow have become buzzwords for today’s AI/ML enthusiasts.

Salary of a Machine Learning Engineer in India :

The average annual salary of a machine learning engineer is 5 671,548. Machine learning engineers with less than 1 year of experience earn around ₹ 500,000 per year which is clearly one of the highest entry level salaries in India. Initial level machine learning engineers charge 672,106 per year, based on their skills, location and demand. ” Python Developer Job in 2021? Salary in INDIA ”



The average salary of a middle level engineer is 0 1,173,074 per year. If they think great, then you will get the salary of senior level engineers (more than 10 years of experience), because they earn more than 2 million rupees per year.


Web Developers :

Web development is never going out of demand. Web development requires strong and flexible languages, and Python fits the bill. By the use of  Frameworks like Django and Flask we can simply create amazing web applications and that have ability to stood the test of time and user load.

As a result, the demand for Django and Flask developers is growing rapidly and the development market is seeing a large migration from the PHP / .NET field towards Python. A Django web developer’s higher package is an example of a typical Python developer’s salary.

Python Web Developer Salary in India :

The average web developer annual salary in India is 4 309,161, for experience between 1 and 4 years. For an entry level web developer, the experience limit is less than 1 year, average salary is ₹ 225,076 per year.

web developer salary india

Source: payscale.com

For senior level web developers, the average annual salary (10 to 19 years of experience) goes up to ₹ 1,000,000 per year.

Factors Affecting Python Developer Salary in India:

Python Developer salary in India can be affected by so many  reasons as illustrated below :

  1. Job Role
  2. Skillset
  3. Experience
  4. Location

Python Developer Salary Based on Location :

Location Average Salary
Bangalore ₹669,787
Chennai ₹540,131
Mumbai ₹579,728
Delhi ₹600,000
Hyderabad ₹475,000
Pune ₹540,131
Gurgoan ₹700,717

Source: payscale.com

Python Developer Salary Based on Skillset :

Source: CV Compiler

Salaries of Other Software Related Roles Compared to Python :


Ruby on Rails Developer average annual salary in India:  ₹471,015
Java Developer average annual salary in India: ₹507,714
Perl Developer average annual salary in India: ₹683,140
C++ Developer average annual salary in India: ₹452,227
Front end Developer average annual salary in India: ₹490,385
.Net Developer average annual salary in India: ₹413,145
PHP developer average annual salary in India: ₹287,651
Python Developer average annual salary in India: ₹555,776

Source: payscale.com


” Python Developer Job in 2021? Salary in INDIA ”


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