How to become a better coder ?

how become a better coder.
how become a better coder.

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If you’re a already professional coder , perhaps now it is the time to level up your game. It may be continuous process , which can give better job prospects as well as give us more satisfaction. In the industries there are many job opportunities for Better code . Coding are the only thing that holds the most important spot in software development and now days it has possibilities to enables for coding professionals. Now here we are discussing How to become a better coder ? and five ways to become a better coder.

5 Ways to Become a Better coder

Here are we discussing How to Become a Better coder ? So let’s start …

 How to become a better coder ?
How to become a better coder ? Source

1. Keep Learning

Telling yourself that you know nothing is the first step towards learning something new. Often it is difficult for experienced programmers to identify areas where they are lacking because they believe they know everything. Learn from everyone and everything that comes your way because it will help you become a better coder.

2. Improve with experience

To be great at something, you must learn from your mistakes. We get better in a task with experience. However, this is true only when we learn from our experience and try to improve ourselves. You do not become better by having the same mindset and belief. As a programmer always try to do better than before because it will help you to gain experience in real sense. Now we something understand about how to become a better coder ? ( and five ways to become a better coder ).

3. Strive for perfection

Often we stop thinking that we have achieved the goal. Programmers often focus on writing quality code and most of them stop when they think it’s done. However, to be a better programmer you must understand that codes are never perfect, it is necessary to work to make them perfect. Always striving for perfection, this may mean making the product fast, reliable, feature-packed, but there is always room for improvement.

4. Write it thrice

Good programmers usually write code many times until they are satisfied that they have achieved their goal to some extent. It is recommended that you work on your code at least three times. The first time you write, you explain to yourself that the idea can be for practice. The second time you work on it you really try to bring out all that is expected from the solution.The third time should be focused on making it complete. There are always many approaches to the problem but always the best solution. Work until you find the right path.

5. Read codes

Like reading is important to expand your intelligence. In coding, it is quite important to read what other programmers have written. Code can be written in many ways, and there is certainly no one right way. When you read others’ codes, you learn about other possibilities you may not have known about..This is a great way to improve and improve your programming skills. Interact with other coders whenever possible, participate in coding forums and learn from these experiences.


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