The past few months Oene have been following the process of onePlus version of Android 10 .as of today ,oxygenOS version 10.0,complete with the androind 10,it is the beggining to roll out to onePlus 7 and onePlus 7 Pro devices

the OnePlus 7T and 7T pro on the HORIZON ,both are expected to launch with Android 10 according to sources OnePlus would officially release the OxygenOS version of Android 10. this morning they have

Announcement refers to oxygen OS 10.0 release as a staged OTA which will continue to reach more oneplus 7 Pro owners over the coming days it is also stated in no uncertain terms that rollout is not at all limited or affected by what religion you are.

OxygenOS 10.0 Changelog

Full screen gesture.

  • added in swipe from the left right age of the screen to go back
  • Button navigation path to allow switch in left or right for recent apps.

 Game space

  •  new game space feature all joints all your favourite games in one plus for easy access and better gaming experience


  •  new UI design
  •  location permission for privacy 
  •  added to Android 10
  •  new customisation feature in settings allow you to choose icons shapes to be display in the quick settings 


  •  now possible to block spam by keywords for message spam


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