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Top 20 iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max Hidden features

The iphone eleven seasoned and iphone eleven seasoned max are now available. and it’s professional. that is first-class camera smartphone you can buy right now. the night mode is killer and so is the new display screen. no longer to say the short new processor. if you’ve simply picked up a brand new iphone eleven pro examine on for our top suggestions and tricks.

20 iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max Hidden features

If you’re nevertheless on the fence whether or not to shop for an iphone eleven seasoned, check our previous insurance which includes precise evaluation publications and selection calculators.

Coming from an older iphone? learn about the brand new gestures

If the iphone 11 seasoned is your first iphone with out the home button, you’ll need to spend a while being used to the brand new gestures. but they’re pretty clean to pick out up and right away, you’ll be like “domestic button? who?”.

Use the brand new direct transfer method

In case you’re using an iphone with ios 12.4 and higher, you may use the new direct transfer technique for putting in your iphone. when you come to the switch your facts display, faucet on the transfer from iphone choice to switch the records wirelessly out of your antique iphone.

this switch occurs on a tool-to-tool foundation and doesn’t involve icloud. so the transfer might be quicker and also you’ll locate all of your apps and pix inside the same country.

3. Allow darkish mode in ios thirteen

You’re going to like the brand new darkish mode in ios 13. it instantly flips the coloration scheme, providing you with a real lower back background and white text. no longer most effective is it clean at the eyes, but it also allows with the battery existence.

to toggle dark mode, open manipulate center, and faucet and preserve on the brightness bar. in the backside-left nook, you’ll see a new dark mode toggle. tap on it to switch to the darkish mode.

4. find out about haptic touch

Apple has eliminated the three-D touch characteristic from the brand new iphone eleven seasoned collection. it’s now replaced via haptic contact. which means that you sincerely tap and preserve on an item to show a contextual menu. formerly, you’d must press harder on the display screen.

which means that there’s a new way to arrange apps. and previews work differently in safari. however standard, this is a welcome trade. just attempt to faucet and maintain on a menu, hyperlink or app icon for extra data.

5. transfer to extremely wide camera

Faucet at the zero.5x button to quickly transfer to the extremely-huge sensor.

6. switch to telephoto lens

Faucet on the 2x button to interchange to the telephoto lens. this gives you a 2x optical zoom degree.

7. Use any zoom level between 0.5x and 2x

While the buttons provide you with a particular zoom degree, you could additionally use a zoom stage between 0.5x and 2x. the cameras will switch seamlessly in the historical past. just swipe on the zoom level buttons to expose and dial. swipe on it to change the zoom degree.

8. record videos in 4k from any rear sensor

go to settings -> camera -> record video and transfer to 4k. do note that at the same time as you can report 4k films from any of the rear digital camera, it’s far confined to 30fps. at 60fps, you can’t switch between the 3 digicam sensors even as recording a video.

9. Report 4k video from selfie digital camera

from the identical settings display, you can alternate the decision for the front-facing camera to 4k as nicely.

10. Take a slofie

switch to the the front-facing digicam and swipe over to the new slo-mo option to start taking a gradual-movement video from the front-dealing with camera. or as apple calls it, a slofie.

11. zoom out to ultra huge digicam all through enhancing

when you take a photograph, the iphone eleven captures the shot from both the extensive and the extremely-huge sensor. and it keeps the ultra-huge photo round for a while. so you can go into the editing screen and zoom out to add info that had been captured from the extremely-extensive photo later on.

12. Use the night mode

apple finally has a night mode in an iphone digital camera and it’s in reality higher than what pixel three has to offer!

while pixel 3 takes very dramatic night time mode shots, it compromises on info. the iphone 11, in typical iphone fashion, takes more natural-looking night time photographs which are packed with details, even when it’s night time time.

the night mode function works automatically and there’s no button for it within the ui. it’ll come on robotically when the digital camera app detects which you’re in a low-light situation.

while night time mode is superb, it doesn’t work with the ultra-extensive sensor.

13. Use the new quicktake function

this is a brand new feature inside the camera app a good way to deliver in a few weeks after the iphone eleven launch.

you could now faucet and maintain at the shutter button to instantly start taking pictures a video, just like the way it works in snapchat. the video will stay in the identical frame and shot because the picture, which is very astounding.

if you need to hold recording the video for a longer time, you could swipe proper on the shutter to lock it into video recording mode. to take photos in burst mode, you presently tap at the shutter button and swipe left.

14. Take burst mode pictures

To take photos in burst mode, you presently tap at the shutter button and swipe left.

15. Trade filter out intensity

when you move into the enhancing mode for a picture, you’ll now be able to set a clear out depth after choosing a new clear out.

16. crop and rotate 4k video

Faucet at the edit button on a video and you’ll locate new options to speedy rotate or crop a video which you took on your iphone 11. you can additionally apply image enhancing touches like converting the exposure and more.

17. Use the new text enhancing gestures

Apple is also taking textual content choice significantly. you can now simply tap and preserve at the cursor to pick out it up and immediately circulate it around.
text selection is manner less difficult now. simply faucet on a phrase and immediately swipe to where you need to pick out, like the cease of the paragraph. ios will select all the textual content in between the two points.

as soon as the text is selected, you may use gestures to copy it. simply pinch in with 3 hands to duplicate, pinch out with three arms to stick and swipe returned with 3 hands to undo typing or action.

we’ve written more about the text enhancing gestures in detail in our previous guide.

18. Use face identification from greater angles

Face id in the new iphone eleven series is 30% faster. and it works on greater angles. so even in case your iphone is not precisely in front of your face, face identity will now liberate your smartphone for you.

19. try gesture typing

iphone eleven pro ships with a massive improvement to the keyboard. you could now simply swipe your finger on the letters at the keyboard to shape phrases. this is just like how the swiftkey and gboard app works

20. Get the home button again

Go to settings -> trendy -> accessibility -> assistivetouch and outline shortcuts for unmarried tap, double-faucet, long press and three-D contact for the assistivetouch button. for unmarried touch, outline it to move domestic. you could use outline different gestures functions to outline functions you discover tough to access.

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